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What's that all about?
If you clicked on the link you would have read.
“The aim of Plan Galileo is that in 2025, defence will operate in a nationally integrated sustainment environment that consistently provides affordable, reliable and fit for purpose systems and ships to navy,” Rear Admiral Malcolm said.

“That means ensuring we can provide certainty and work for our uniformed personnel and industry, as we need them working cooperatively, continuing what they do, and helping to prepare our navy for the new ships that will be delivered in an era of continuous shipbuilding.”



RAAF Super Hornet Crashes Before Take Off !​

Australian F/A-18 fighter jet fails take-off at Amberley airbase, pilots eject

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Dec 8, 2020

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On morning Tuesday, a Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet failed to take off from Amberley airbase after one of its engines malfunctioned.
According to local sources, two pilots have been forced to eject after a F/A-18F Super Hornet suffered an engine failure and takeoff was aborted.
The official press release of the Australian Defense Department said that both pilots are safe no other personnel were involved in the incident.

“Defence can confirm that an incident involving an Air Force aircraft has occurred at RAAF Base Amberley,” the Defense Department said in a statement.
“The aircrew of that aircraft are safe and no other personnel were involved in the incident.
“Defence’s first priority is the safety of personnel at RAAF Base Amberley.
“Defence will provide more information once the immediate actions associated with the incident are completed.
“The cause of the incident is not known at this time and will be subject to investigation.”


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It’s extra embarrassing when the pilot(s) punch out and the plane lands itself after.
The report infers that the crew ejected before the plane took off which would be even more embarrassing if the now crewless runaway plane went on to crash into other taxiing aircraft or vehicles.
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For what it is worth, I reached out to Naval Group about this (^). Let's set the record straight, the situation with the program is not all "doom and gloom". Of course there are some challenges (like with any programs of this size) but things are moving forward...

Attack-Class Program To Enter System Functional Review On Time, As Planned

An op-ed published by Australian newspaper The Australian Financial Review on the Attack-class submarine program blames Naval Group for being over budget, late on schedule and for failing in its commitment to spend 60 per cent of the contract value locally. According to Naval Group, such reporting does not reflect facts. The program is actually about to achieve yet another milestone, the System Functional Review (SFR), as planned and on schedule.
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