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We are not the same person.
I am a long time member but have never been a moderator here. I also have been moderated by Deino this week.

Deino is a published author on books regarding the PLA aircraft.
I tend to specialize in infantry equipment and have no works to my name.
TE thanks for the message, I'll respond on the main board:

over the years, I had been called like ISIL-supporter, the CIA agent of influence, autist, etc. etc. by, ehm, members,

and sometimes I had to take deep breaths, but it's fun, so have fun, TE!


Nah! don't do that, he is grumpy, but he's the Father of a teen-age daughter,,, (yeah, I had 7 teen-age daughters, which made me mean as hell), and two teen-age sons, one of whom made me mad as hell...(but he's my best bud now)... Master Jura is really a very smart kool Dude, but he does get a little testy,,,, he really does love the F-35!

anyway, hang around, its a fun question, and we all wonder about stuff like that, except bro Jura just wants to know what everything costs, kinda like my old man???
hey, reporting personal attack! LOL!
hey, reporting personal attack! LOL!
so being a "very smart kool Dude" is a personal attack now, I was pleading your case brother, being an apologist for all "Dad's of Daughters"... yes, I raised some amazing little women, but I've spent my fair share of hours laying awake at night, wondering and worrying??? now I've got grandchildren, all amazing, pray for the one due in March, my Baby has had a very complicated pregnancy, and pray for my brother Jim, he's just gone on Hospice....

So I love all you guys, I like posts that seems to be trying to interject something positive, even when I may completely disagree,,, so My friend, many Blessings to you, and thank you for your many kindnesses to our Brother Jeff as he struggles.


Quite in return! Could you please explain how you come to such a ridiculous conclusion? ... and NO, we are not the same.
how are you Deino
would you allow a thread about
US increasingly believes Iran shot down Ukrainian airliner by accident
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I'm asking because I noticed you had said not to open new Middle East related thread(s)

please respond either here or to a message I'll send you in a second, thanks