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What is the current viability of laser weapons?

Viable enough. particularly today where drones are prevalent. Attractive feature of laser is Deep magazine. You wont run ammo as fast as conventional munitions. And to some extent "cost per shot" If you measure such in how much it spent for diesel fuel used per engagement vs missiles or gun smart munitions.

It is a case of convergent evolution. Bastion was originally used as an anti-ship system. Iskander is basically supposed to be long distance artillery. Eventually they added an anti-surface mode to Bastion.
What do you think of it as means of keeping Industry base competitive ? Bastion is developed by NPO Mashinostroyenia while Iskander's missiles have two developers the MITT and the R-500 portion was developed by Novator which also develops practically the entire line of Russian/Soviet Land/surface based tomahawk equivalent from 3K10 "Granat" down to Kalibr.