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I recall encountering an anecdote some years ago concerning a friendly visit between Chinese and American naval officers, possibly back in the 1990s. The Chinese personnel were onboard the American vessel and remarks were exchanged concerning the great size of the American ship compared to anything in China's navy. Does anyone know of the event I am referring to and the source of the anecdote? It may have come from a published book, and may have concerned the USS Blue Ridge.


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Should the PLAN change its working uniforms? Right now they blend in with the water, but sailors do not swim to work and there is really no need for camouflage in a warship. Why not instead wear a uniform with a brighter color, such as orange for example. In case of an emergency, the sailors would be distinguised easier on the water (as a redundancy to the unlucky case of someone not having the time or capacity to wear an emergency vest). It can be easily argued that the current color scheme endangers the sailors life.