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Stupid Question, but this is "Ask Anything" thread, right?
This has kind of puzzled me for quite some time. The barracks ship for the carrier has recreation facilities on the top, a running track and basketball court.
1. Anyone familiar with how shifts work in the Navy? If the crew is typically ~2500, how many people would be on "free time" to use those facilities at a given time?
2. I've never been on a cruise ship before, but having an outdoor court in a coastal area on a boat, seems like it would be hard to play from ship movement and wind. I would imagine that balls being lost overboard would be a problem. Anyone would have an idea? (Maybe no one ever plays)


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That is definitely a basketball court and a running track on top of the barracks ship.

Why would use hanger space if the hanger space is used for aircraft? The barracks ship is used for the crew that has been rotated off the ship. You can use the hanger space for a basketball ball court for the crew that is still within the ship.

Having a basketball court on top of a cruise ship is not a problem for Royal Caribbean. Why should this be a problem or a bad design?



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Note on the cruise ship the court is enclosed on all three sides. On the deck of the ship you will likely have a few side lined players who can move to catch the ball. I am a terrible player my self but even my worst throw wont leave the lines without some one being Abe to intervene. Unless the ship pulls a hand break turn large ships are pretty stable and the motion is well dampened.
Why would use hanger space if the hanger space is used for aircraft?
Carriers park a lot of aircraft on deck during day to day. They go below mostly for repair and maintenance, the Hanger space is used for a number of other functions ranging from Crew recreation to storage.
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How China can counter/protect naval vessels against the new american LRASM stealthy missile?
Stealth is hard in close range. Stealth fighters are still detectable within 80km or so. For example, HHQ10 has a range of 8km or so, only. Within this close range, the real impact of stealth missiles has to be tested.


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Hello all, I'm a bit new at this military business. I've noticed the Type 055 and Type 052C/052D Destroyer threads are very active. A couple of questions:

1) From my understanding, the Type 055 is independent from the Type 052D (not an upgrade), and both will be built simultaneously. Is this correct?
2) If so, what military value is there from building both at the same time? Is the Type 055 basically a large destroyer, and the type 052D is a medium/small destroyer?


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How much is known about the Amdr's individual RMA? Trimm capabilities, weight, power etc? (apart from 144 trm/rma)
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