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How capable is PAP (People's armed police) for war? They are supposed to help PLA in wartime. Are they as capable as US national guard which can be considered a type of reserve force.

Can PAP operate heavy weapons like Tanks, artillery? Do they have an air component that can fly jets?

I notice that China has a very low number of reserves (500k) which is very low compared to US, Russia. US can augment their reserves with National guard which also has air national guard component which can also augment their air force.

In total war type scenario, China's low reserve and augmentation forces could be a problem since they will lack well-trained reserves that can operate sophisticated weapons like tanks, jets and ships.
PAP is basically light infantry by PLA standards. They would be way better trained than US National guard infantry. Since they are professional soldiers, whereas the NG gets a couple weekends of training. They don't operate heavy gear/air.

The reserve for air force and armor is pretty high, all demobilized veterans are on reserve for 5 years I believed.


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Any idea why the PLA even still bother with large caliber manual AA guns? Are they actually still effective? I still see them in cctv videos and other military promos.