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Blitzo: *reading a question* Predictions on the Sino-Indian border - I don't really follow that stuff.

Patch: I SO badly want to see a Sino-Indian war. Oh my fucking god, you don't even understand.

Blitzo: Okay, tell us why Patch. Tell us why - I mean I know why but you-

Patch: Well you said no racism on stream. Well I guess its not really racist. I just dislike everyone equally so, whatever. I think it would be really funny to watch Indians just get fucking dunked on. Because they talk all sorts of shit, and I've actually done a bit of work with the Indian military and I can tell you - I'm not going to make a poop joke because its India and Rick (Blitzo) would get mad at me. But they talk a lot of the same things they are, so.

[some other questions/answers later]

Blitzo: Oo, abc asks thoughts on thoughts on AMCA and TEBDF which is the advanced Indian 5th gen fighter and the Indian naval carrier-based 4.5 gen fighter that they were-

Patch: I think its fucking adorable. I want to see it. I want to laugh at it. I want to look at it.

Blitzo: So my view is that - I've be honest - the Indian military is actually the military that I follow probably the 2nd or 3rd most after the PLA. And I had a genuine interest in the Indian military just because - when I started PLA and mil-watching in general back in the mid 2000s, the Indian military and PLA were at almost, they were similar in someways and different in others, and it was interesting to see how both sides were going about their procurement and development. And we can see now what nearly 20 years; 15 years later how things have progressed and perhaps diverged. Its interesting - Indian procurement is very interesting to me, fascinating almost. So I'll-

Patch: Its a whole other subject.

Blitzo: Yea, its a whole other subject. I'll just say wait and see. A few questions - let's see a few other questions-

Toaster: The Indians have really struggled to make even basic equipment like their INSAS rifle, they're being replaced by-

Patch: You could really have stopped at the Indians just struggle.

Toaster: *laughs* Yea like, the INSAS rifle right, which is like the rifle's the most basic tool of modern warfighting and they're going to basically replace it with an AK-derivative because apparently its just not very good and jams a lot.

Patch: *Indian accent* We are superpowa 2020.

Toaster: Its really fragile. We actually know that the Chinese QBZ rifle is actually semi-decent because you can't import Chinese guns to the USA, but you can import them to Canada. And as far as I know, variants of the bullpup are imported to Canada, they do fine. They're essentially used as an (AR?) stand-ins.

Patch: Yea, pretty much. When it comes to rifles nowadays and carbines and all that shit - there's not a lot of difference. It doesn't matter all that much at the end of the day. Light infantry, I've told the guys this a bunch of times, but I guess I'll tell everyone; infantry doesn't do the killing in modern wars, they do the dying. They die a lot as a matter of fact. So, at the end of the day, as long as they're able to put out suppressing fire and send whatever maneuver element may be able to maneuver on and destroy that position - you're fine dude. You're good to go.
Thanks for the transcript, had a great laugh xD


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I can't find it via search, does anybody know where to watch yankeesama and the other authoritative sources?


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A quick question, who is that "Patch" fellow?
An immature American who used to come on here bragging about his security clearance to win internet fights, then disappeared after the Pentagon leaks.

He's probably in Guantanamo getting waterboarded right now.


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An immature American who used to come on here bragging about his security clearance to win internet fights, then disappeared after the Pentagon leaks.

He's probably in Guantanamo getting waterboarded right now.
Patch may have been a bit childish but he was also incredibly knowledgeable and happy to share anything that he was permitted. He has done wonders for my mental health by confirming that I am not crazy and China's overwhelming fires superiority in-theater actually is important yes, and that the fight for the island itself almost doesn't matter compared to the China-US fight