Annoyed at the constant stream of news articles


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#3 Zool, May 31, 2018
I've kept to browsing as the board finds its way with the new admin setup (great to see Deino receive full mod powers and use them in a balanced way), and have noticed this as well. Not sure if we are seeing it from the same source or not but..

Articles are posted with a handful of words mostly just letting us know that the poster has -literally- just read the article, which is great I suppose if not already assumed, and little analysis or opinion to go with it. Comes across as a low effort one liner post.

What I find more frustrating though is when someone replies to this person and asks a question or generally attempts a discussion, the poster responds with another very few handful of words and often quotes another long article or the same one just posted, filling up the thread with repeat info and little to no back and forth. It at times appears this poster takes offense to questions or people trying to engage and accuses them of trolling for making the attempt to get more than a couple of words on the subject. I've seen this in the Strategy and Naval threads in particular.

Not sure how you sort that out with rules. Maybe its just up to other members to challenge the poster to offer up more substantive replies that don't have the poster reverting to repeat quotes. And mods understanding that eliciting discussion from someone posting in a thread =/= trolling. Seems reasonable to me anyway; if you can't offer an opinion and back it up with some substance when questioned (doesn't have to be "right" or "wrong"), then what is the point of being part of a discussion forum?
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