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(it's not hacked, at first I noticed as Breaking News at a Russian site) - OilPrice Blend Flag
Futures & IndexesLastChange% ChangeLast Updated
WTI Crude-18.650-36.920-202.08%(11 Minutes Delay)
Brent Crude25.81-2.27-8.08%(10 Minutes Delay)
Mars US19.67-1.10-5.30%(20 Hours Delay)
Opec Basket17.73+0.22+1.26%(4 Days Delay)
Canadian Crude Index12.79-1.26-8.97%(15 Minutes Delay)
DME Oman24.68+1.26+5.38%(2 Days Delay)
Urals23.05-0.25-1.07%(3 Days Delay)

is the world - up?

LOL how does it work, they'll pay you forty bucks to do what exactly


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These are oil future prices.

It means that if you have a contract to buy oil at a certain price at a particular date, you have to pay someone the future price to take the contract commitment off your hand. A more detailed explanation below.

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To think we fought half a century of wars and killed millions over this stuff.