American Economics Thread


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The real reason why Pelosi went to Taiwan. She may have gotten a huge PR win and made China look bad but it also encourages parasites like her to act more boldly. Domestic rot grows day by day…we need actually need Revolution to not only save America but prevent WW3 from the reckless of the our Oligarchy.
@In4ser bro do have a Pitchfork? do you want me to send you Joking aside I hope you're doing well, I heard a lot of rumbling among Fil AM friends and some of my relatives about the sky high inflation, they're coming here in drove as the peso devalued a lot from P50 to a dollar to P56.


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The yield curve has well and properly inverted now, pretty reliable indicator for recession to follow.


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#1 movie on netflix right now is of a Marine getting fake married to a young woman so he can get extra $2000 a month and she can get health insurance for her diabetes meds.... they talk about how they both know its fraud but in the end they still go through with it....

This is a FarCry from the American dream as portrayed 30 years ago or even back in the 50s when US GDP was half of the entire world....

$10 McDonalds breakfast, canned Spam being locked up in security boxes and 5 year olds working at restuarants, its the new norm....