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Household wealth has surged an astonishing $36 trillion.​

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The average American household has seen its wealth grow by $300,000 in just a year and a half. The American economic miracle?

if you read Fed's Z1 form, you'll find the increase of the "wealth" are almost Exclusively from the increase of valuation of three assets: stock, bond, real estate. it's not net worth, it's bubble.


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the market rallied after the November inflation hitting the 40 years high, it's getting weird, well, probably that's what is supposed to be. it's getting interesting.
They have probably captured the their wealth from mining bitcoin, which has a big monetary value.


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The $36T increase sounds like a lot. However check out the distribution here in this chart from the Fed reserve from around the Q2 2006 to this year:


The bottom 50% is but a tiny sliver that has barely changed. The bottom 90% is also much smaller than the top 10%. It's certainly the American dream for the households in green.

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