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If China allows the RMB to go up faster, then much higher inflation and interest rates in the US, will destroy their election plan.

China needs to take the offensive now, keep pushing and don't let back....

Everywhere site I'm on today I see this propaganda crap about tankman June 4th....
Imagine if every single year Chinese government broadcast to all of China the evils of what the US government did to their own people at the Waco incident, where real tanks actually burned innocent women and children alive.... then China keeps printing money to infinity and turn around and accuse US of being the currency manipulator, and then expects the US to give it another 10 trillion of free money to "pay" for something US was never responsible for doing in the first place... (all the while the Chinese President accusing the US of "raping" China etc) we live in a twisted world but I have feeling this decade the reigning hegemon is finally getting its karma plus Interest


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Rather dump (or print) more money on F-35s and the defense budget than to invest into infrastructure and urban development
Setting the USA up for a nasty yet avoidable fall. Still I have to admire Putin though, he is a rare breed of leader that is simply not at all easy to find nowadays. The only other leader that is close to his capabilities is Xi Jinping and even he still have things he can learn. All the leader in the west are far bellow them in every single way
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That's cool. Didnt realize our pro China members here are from all these different countries. Thanks for the info.

I think Voyager 1 is from Cyrus.
And they keep talking about "whole of society approach" to confront China
They can't even agree on infrastructure bill lmaoo

Hit the nail right on the head. 1000% agreed

Can't even agree on something simple like infrastructure bill that enjoys overwhelming bipartisanship support among the public voters , then your screwed on China. Same for COVID stimulus bill that was overwhelming popular among voters but Republicans/Dems voted along party lines.