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SEATTLE (Reuters) - A Washington state lawmaker looking to ease traffic congestion for several Puget Sound-area communities near Seattle has proposed building an eye-catching new toll bridge made from retired Navy aircraft carriers.

Republican Representative Jesse Young has been gathering support among colleagues and the public for the planned span, which would link Bremerton and Port Orchard on the Kitsap Peninsula, spokesman Kevin Shutty said on Friday.

"It's a bottleneck area and for a number of years people have been looking for some solutions," Shutty said.

"This would definitely be a unique way to tackle some of those problems, but at the same time it would serve as a floating memorial to veterans and the sacrifice they have given to our country."

The area near where the proposed bridge would be built includes a U.S. Navy base and naval hospital, and it is home to many retired veterans from all arms of the military.

Young's plan, in its early phases, proposes laying end-to-end at least two retired aircraft carriers moored at the naval shipyard in Bremerton, Shutty said.

Chris Johnson, a spokesman for Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington D.C., said the plan was a longshot because neither of those ships were available, and all such ships decommissioned in the future are scheduled to be scrapped.

Shutty acknowledged there were hurdles, but said the feasibility study would determine whether the project was a real possibility.

"It's a novel concept," he said. "I think there's a lot of public support at least for exploring the idea."

The state Senate is expected to vote on funding the feasibility study in the next two weeks, he said.
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Just an example of the level of detail depicting a modern US Navy LHAD. from my 1/350 scale model of the USS Iwo Jima, LHD-7


asif iqbal

without being kicked by a mule LOL I figured out what you guys're talking about:
a = v*v/(2*S)
so for v=145 knots (number from AFB's post) and S=90 m (the deck length) a is 2.94g
Let's not get into Physics cus I have a PhD in the subject

There's a reason why USN is the best in the world, simply because they keep innovating, improving and making things better, they never stand still

Since and during WWII USN has operated dozens an dozens of carriers, each iteration adds knowledge and experience and the result right now is the Ford Class which sits in a league of its own nothing comes close not even two Queen Elizabeth Class could perform the sortie rate and bombs on target at that range that a single Ford Class could do

Call a spade a spade, we can all criticise things reality is always what counts, USN operates 10 aircraft carriers, 9 amphibious assault ships and 9 transport docks soon to rise to 11,10 and 10 all at a level of technology generation ahead of anyone else, as soon as the last ships is inducted the next class is already on the drawing board, that's called development
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Two US Nuclear Carriers, the Carl Vinson and the Theodore Roosevelt, exercising together in the US Navy 5th Fleet Area of Operation:




Only one Navy on earth you can go to to get this...two nuclear carrier operating together.

Thanks Gerry (Popeye) , gotta love it! Thanks as always for these pics!

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Okay, I am using this post to start the new Aircraft Carrier III Thread on SD.

Once a thread gets up to 500 pages, it has become time to start a new thread.This one is past that number.

I will try and use this policy as I know Deino is Doing in the Air Force threads.

I think it makes good sense.

So, please post new Aircraft in the new Aircraft Carrier III Thread.

Here are those GREAT pic of the Izumo coming into port. This happened yesterday in Japan I believe. Really lets you appreciate how big this vessel is...and what she really is.




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