2021 Zhuhai Airshow Naval Systems


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Unmanned turret and anti-frogmen rockets.




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A list of export naval systems at Zhuhai.

A decade ago,a chinese scientific journal discussing the use of blue green laser for asw and mine swiping, around 2011 or2012 there were report that plan conducting tedting program using blue green laser to communicate with the submerge submarine. But during the zhuhai air show no report of blue green laeer equipment were seen


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Three interesting models. The one in the back appear to be an UAV carrier/mothership. Not sure about the other two, but they appear to be some kind of ELINT, communications, EW, or radar barges.


Mystery solved, sort of. These are "systematized/integrated blue force systems" for land, air, and sea. Not sure what that means precisely, but these appear to be equipment that simulate adversary electronic signatures for OPFOR purposes.



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Is that the so-called 076 UCAV Aircraft Carrier?

Its definitely not a traditional aircraft carrier, since we can also see the deck is that of an LHA/LHD. Then you have the catapult straight down the middle which I would assume is an EMALs. I won't call it the 076, but a generic representation of a UCAV-LHD/LHA hybrid carrier.


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I'm sure we can even see a catapult in that CGI. The pronounced yellow centre line strip is reminiscent of the new marking eg Izumo now wears for F-35B use, and of course similar to US LHD markings. It overall appears to be a generic amphibious asssault ship design, with very strong US aesthetics for some reason (note island design).