09III/09IV (093/094) Nuclear Submarine Thread


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H I Sutton is following the Sub Brief way

The same way Sub Brief has lost all credibility and is mocked due to his type 055 claims, we are now going to have H I Sutton claims, analysis, and professional standing forever tarnished due to this incident.

If he had just stayed low, maybe some people would just consider it as an unfortunate incident where he got fooled by others. But, by doubling down and saying the same thing again, even after all the evidence against his claims, it is now proven that he has lost any serious credibility and that he is joining Sub Brief's club on their accurateness of their "analysis"

Quite sad actually
Sub brief's weird claims are not limited to the 055. He once said he tracked an Oscar that was sailing at depths well below 600 meters. He presented a random sonogram as the Yasen's sound signature. Furthermore, he took a Dutch Navy footage and presented the sound there as a "classified torpedo launch transient sent by someone". That channel is a joke.


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He's doubling down:

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The latest version is that the crew all died but somehow the sub was able to return to base.

I suspect if the incident was remotely real then USN, JMSDF, ROKN would all be very well aware by now and we'd be hearing about it on MSM.

Did the ghosts drive the sub back to base or something?