09III/09IV (093/094) Nuclear Submarine Thread


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I was looking at that Jive dudes latest video and he isn't a missile man that's for sure. If you look at comment section he holds his guns and claims Trident is an liquid fueled missile and so are all modern SLBMs according to him!

I know many servicemen don't know much about other military branches in their own armies but surely submariner would know more about SLBMs or is he just too stubborn to admit his mistake?
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I am taking this picture from the Yuan thread with regards to the Kilo cutaway. This is where I disagree that the hump on the 09IIIA or B might be for the TAS even if these subs definitely has a TAS about the same time the curved hump appeared. Having A and B both appear at the same time suggests causality but simultaneous appearance isn't proof of causality.

You can see the spindle for the TAS on the Kilo at the upper corner of the cutaway. It does not require a hump and furthermore, its positioned right where the back starts to angle more downwards.

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Type 91 and its derivative via lkj86

Type 92 and its derivative

Type 93 and its derivative

Type 94 and its derivative