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More images of Type 071's well deck.



i do wonder if there is an option to insert a second level in that welldeck to carry some lighter vehicles. would significantly increase the transport capacity for moving logistics by water.
The idea option is to use RORO ships or PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier). PLA has been exercising with civilian shipping companies using RORO in Bohai sea, moving large numbers of military vehicles. And large numbers of PCTC are being constructed in China, ordered by Chinese car manufacturers to meet their car export shipments.

US navy has been using RORO ships to transport their equipment.

Fitting a second level well deck on type 071 is possible but
1) LCAC needs a high ceiling clearance, thus if a second well deck is fitted, no LCAC can enter the ship.
2) If temporaly second level deck is required, the time needed to install the temporaly deck may hamper the readiness of the ship to depart in short notice.
3) Consideration of the ease and the required time to load/unload motor vehicles from the second deck.
4) Will the stability of the ship be affected by the load and structural weights of the second deck in high sea state?

Type 071 is an amphibious assault ship where unloading time is precious. Acting as a transport ship, it is less efficient than RORO ship and PCTC. Since PLAN is a large navy, they can afford to acquired their own RORO or PCTC, or using civilian RORO ferries as has been observed in their past exercises.
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Very comprehensive set of photos showing the optimised loading configuration of the Type 071 LPD

using the LPD as a Roll on Ferry does not really do this platform any justice but for the sake of the exercise ok

also is that a deck elevator or just a cut out? if its a elevator why loading using a crane when they can just lower the elevator ?