071 LPD thread


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For a Taiwan scenario, a Type-071 is too big.

Type-072 LSTs would be more suitable.
I think am amphibious assault fleet with 071, 075 and possibily 076 give PLAN credible threat to Taiwans two most important air base, Chihhang and Chiashan Air base. Missiles bombing runways can limit an airbases operation, but having boots on the ground definitely keeps an airbase out of operation.


Excellent photos.


asif iqbal

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3 x LPD could cary 12 x LCAC or 3 dozen armoured vehicles and thats not including 12 x Z8C helicopters

a near by LHD could add 6 x Z8C helicopters

a very good mix of air and sea assist

asif iqbal

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between them they can carry 12 x Z9C

a single Type 075 LHD can do that and you have plenty of space for deck operations for high tempo flying and arming

just shows how useful a LHD is but LPD also can carry alot of the heavy ground equipment and LCAC fleet