071 LPD thread

asif iqbal

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quite possible

well deck length of the Type 071 LPD exceeds 130m and length of the IFV is around 9m

so you can have 15 columns with 3 rows of IFV thats 45 x IVF in the well deck alone

this photo shows around 13 or 14 columns of 3 so those IVF alone can fit in the well deck

ahead of the well deck is a double story compartment with a ramp, each can take 3 rows of 3 x IVF so 18 in total

those trucks look like they are same length of the IVF and I count around 20 x trucks

so based on that its doable

add to that 4 x Z8 helicopters in the hanger and that still leaves the large landing deck totally free

now there is a deck lift in some of the LPD so if you want to fill the landing deck with vehicles using that lift you will fit even more


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A few high-resolution images to mark August 1st.






asif iqbal

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I wonder if those sides ramps can be sued to deploy IFV during sea?

it would mean Type 071 LPD can deploy IVF from well deck and side ramps simultaneously