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I just curious why they didn't just standardized the CIWS with the rest of the fleet.
I guess you have never sailed.
Let's just compare: take a formula 1 car and try to do a rally in Africa (or in Indonesia, in Sumatra for example): it shouldn't work: you won't win, even if you reach the end (which would be surprising).
Putting useless armaments on an amphibious ship has only one effect: it reduces its capabilities without really protecting it: this is the role of escort ships.
If the Chinese have not understood this, they will do it again as in 1949, 1954, 1958, etc... they will attack, and ... lose. But they learn quickly...

asif iqbal

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Looks like a new 071 is being laid down at Hudong? Presumably this would be the hull for Thailand. Unless it indicates PLAN construction has resumed. Pictures via Deino on Twitter.
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it doesn't look that defiantly is a LPD in the making

Thailand and Malaysia both have showed interest in this LPD design maybe it could be for them but my understanding is that design is smaller than the fully blown 20,000+ ton Type 071 LPD

or it could be a restart of the Type 071 LPD programme to the Type 071A LPD


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How do you know they all came from one 071 LPD? That's about 50 vehicles there. It's quite impressive if true.
I guess you might be able to fit ~30ish AFV four abreast in the welldeck and the trucks in the vehicle deck, based on previous imagery inside a Type 071.