Russian-Indian pipeline?

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    GOA, India, Oct. 17 (UPI) -- The Russian and Indian governments may be interested in working together on getting natural gas piped from the former to the latter, a joint statement read.

    Russian natural gas company Gazprom sent delegations to a summit for five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. During a signing ceremony in India, held in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the energy company signed a memorandum of understanding related to natural gas.

    "The memorandum reflects the interest of the parties in jointly exploring the routes for pipeline gas supplies from Russia and other countries to India," the Russian energy company said in a statement.

    India has wanted an Iran-India natural gas pipeline for several years now. Russia has been involved in several such underwater natural gas pipeline projects. Contrary to what is explored in the article I doubt the Russians will consider the Myanmar route or the Tajikistan routes. The first route goes through China, and the second route goes through disputed and highly mountainous territory. So, in my opinion, the best route is an under sea route from Iran to India and a pipeline though the Caspian Sea or Turkmenistan to Iran. This both avoids the unstable zones and the past obstacles to the creation of a pipeline from Iran to India.

    It's a wild guess of mine. But if that happens it will significantly change the geopolitics of energy in the Asian economic sphere.
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    it's unrelated, but I recall when I began to follow Chinese Economics Thread back in 2014 it'd been full of
    Gas Pipeline From Russia! Oil Pipeline From Russia! posts inferring like end of US$, so I now took a look at how it's going, and

    Russia Tightens Oil Grip With China's Second Pipeline

    Bloomberg News
    January 1, 2018, 12:37 PM GMT+1 Updated on January 2, 2018, 2:56 AM GMT+1
    • New project to China’s Daqing city runs smoothly, Xinhua says
    • Two parallel lines can transmit 30 million tons of oil a year

    30 million tons means "about 600,000 barrels a day", and

    "China surpassed the U.S. in annual gross crude oil imports in 2017 by importing 8.4 million barrels per day ..."

    so it's less than ten percent;

    Russia’s Huge Natural Gas Pipeline To China Nearly Complete

    dated Sep 06, 2018;

    "Export capacity: 38 billion cubic meters per year"

    and in 2017 China imported about 91 (unit as right above), so it's almost half

    just saying

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