ZTQ-15 and PRC Light Tanks


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The ZTQ-? prototype at Norinco proving ground in Inner Mongolia. I wonder if the 105mm gun is rifled.



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it's cool to finally see a large, decent-quality photo of this thing. too bad we still don't know what the turret looks like


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105mm gun is not going to give very good penetration power against any potential enemy tanks like Indian T-72's, but I guess chassis is too light to take any larger caliber gun. Of course it's main job is probably to support infantry instead of fighting other tanks.

Certainly going to knock out any IFV what comes against it.
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I am not seeing why China needs a light tank. Is it to compensate for having too few IFVs? Is it because China's IFVs are too lightly armored? Is it because certain terrain can't handle MBTs? Is it because they can't afford a sufficient number of MBTs?

For every reason I can think of for China to have a light tank I don't see why it wouldn't be even better for them to improve their IFVs instead.


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These are replacements for the ZTQ-62s (Type 62) and will be equipped in the Southern-Jungle and High-Land units.

The ZPT-83-II 'long barrel' 105mm gun with its 600mm RHA penetration and ATGM capability is more than enough to deal with all those AFVs it could encounter in their areas of operation, which are either Indian T-72s or Vietnamese T-55s.


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A light Tank is not meant to go head to head against enemy tanks its a fire support vehicle for infantry. Particularly specialized infantry like airborne or Marine whose function depends not on heavyweights but on mobility. A light tank can function in places a main battle tank cannot due terrain.


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Looking at the hull configuration, I suspect this is oriented more to the Airborne forces of the PLAAF. The hulls night is better suited to transports then waves.


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Good point.
the PLA vehicle livery varies widely from flat green, to Bloch woodland to scailed up type 07 camouflage patterns. But that one would be a extreme outlier.