Z-8 and Z-18 transport helicopter - family & versions


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The Z-8K is a dedicated PLAAF SAR variant based on the older Z-8A, whereas the Z-8F is or better to say was the project designation for the improved variant, which became later the AC313 or Z-18 and as such the Z-18F is the ASW variant of that type.
Thanks for the replay. Do you know of any obvious visual differences between the Z-8K and the Z-8A? I had thought the Z-8K was an improved the Z-8F. While the Z-18 series was all from the AC313.

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Why the difference in engine housing between the CJ, which seems quite new, and the Z-18/Z8Gs? Different engines?
Also the Z-18 series seem to have a different front section of the top deck from the civilian AC313. Why do we think this is the case?


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The first clear image of the Changhe Z-8L transport helicopter - the "wide-body variant" of the Z-8G - was re-posted now in much higher resolution. It was first published in January 2019 (see second image).

(Image by DSZJHF/FengJian Aviation Photos via Huitong's CMA-Blog)

Z-8L - best 20200228.jpgZ-8L wide body - first clear image - 20190115 XL mod.jpg