Z-8 and Z-18 transport helicopter - family & versions


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With the individual number '331' assigned, this Z-18F ASW helicopter on-board the aircraft carrier Liaoning, seems finally to be in operational service.
Also interesting, its c/n is visible ... it's the no. 04

(image courtesy of FJ / via Huitong's CMA blog)

Z-18F - 20190705.jpg
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compliment to no. 324 above....
For impending use in China's Aircraft Carriers...
some captions of various antennae, both in English and Chinese....some translations...Deidu aerial, surface search radar, dip-sonar opening,communication aerial, weapons racks...
...some pics may be prior piblished...

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Great helicopter but when you have 1 or 2 and on the process of having three carriers
More like 1+(1)+(1?) at this time.

Still, the number at this time is nowhere near "sufficient". If Z-20F pan out and take up a lion share, Z-18F can be used for long endurance mission profile?