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I'm trying to do some research on Yankee Station during the Vietnam War. In particular the defenses that surrounded the aircraft carriers. I would really like to learn exactly what defenses the carriers had, what defenses the escorts had and what land based defenses would've stood in the way had an attack from North Vietnamese aircraft taken place.

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The main air defense for American CV's on Yankee Station was their own CAP(Captive Air Patrol). In other words>>>The CV's own fighters. They maintained a condition of 5 minute alerts. That is the aircraft could be launched or respond in 5 minutes time. The alerts were generally in 5 minute increments..Generally not going over 30 minutes. Alert times depended on the previeved threat.

As for ships the old Gearing class DD's were "Plane Guards" there responsiblity was to keep other vesels away from the CV and to assist in the rescue of downed piolts. I assume that any other USN or allied ship would provide AAW if needed and if the ship was so equipped.

In country in S.Vietnam..Well I have no idea.

What ever sort of defense the USN put up against North Vietnam must have worked. The N. Vietnamese never launched any sort of air attack against any American CV in Yankee Station.

In my opinion an USN CVN should be named USS Yankee Station.

I was onboard the USS Hancock CVA-19 during Operation "Eaagle Pull" & "Frequent Wind" in 1975.

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The layers of defense depended on the Battle Group. But the only US Navy fighters during the war were F-8s and F-4s. The CGs did tackle some attacks from North Vietnamese Stxy SSMs that tried to hit the CVs. I know that the Trunxton, Belnakp and I think Bainbridge knocked some of these down. There was also a similar attack made against the USS New Jersey if I am not mistaken. Again, Destroyers and Cruisers used Tartar and Terrier missiles and saved the capital ships. I did read of NVN AF MiG hitting an a destoryer once.

I agree Popeye.