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The Iranian fake aircraft carrier of 2015 was rebuilt:

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New pictures from the fake aircraft carrier:

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"Iran appears to be preparing a military exercise in the Hormuz Strait, which is important for global oil trade. The dummy of a US aircraft carrier could also be used.

Satellite images show the dummy, most recently used in target exercises in 2015, freshly renovated on a quay wall in Bandar Abbas, Iran. In other pictures, it is pulled by naval ships into the open sea."

Khalij e Fars

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First Iranian (Light) Turbofan Engine - "Jahesh-700":


  • 1500lbf thrust (can achieve MTOW 4000kg - for comparison, MTOW of MQ-9 Predator is 4700kg)
  • Single crystal turbine blades
  • Will power next generation of Iranian UAV/UCAVs
Video of the manufacturing/testing process:



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An eye candy from recent RIMPAC. Warships in tight formations always look great!

Cool things that I've noticed on this video - Regina looks super-cool in the current painting and if you look closely (@2:28 mark) an unusual (black) painting of the forward VERTREP station aboard Ashigara.