White guys with Chinese forces??

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Well, look up Lt. Reed and Star Trek Enterprise and he's British and looks quite a bit like these other guys to a certain degree.

Now, I can't tell PanSlavs apart but I can tell the languages apart. As for Asians, I can tell a Japanese person from a Chinese person but getting specifics such as Korean or Vietnamese is much harder and I would only be able to geuss. Though I would have a fighting chance at geussing if their Philipinio because they sound russian but look asian thus they live in the philipines.

I may be able to tell apart Vietnamese since I tried to date one (and failed :( ) but generall I can only point out if they're chinese or japanese 90% of the time.

At a second and third glance I too think it says "firearms instructor".


Every race has commonalities in which there are those that you'd have a hard time telling the difference from nationality. But there those that are distinct because of the region they come from. Those guys in the pics look to me from the Mediterranean region.

Koreans and Vietnamese are easy to tell from each other and from others. Hard to believe someone can't tell the difference.

Just like among caucasions, there's a look that you only find in the British. Or if you come across a boyish looking man in the US, mostly likely he'll come from Chicago or from that region of the US.


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Roger seems to be right. I copied it into paint and doubled the zoom, and made out an A, making firearms..........
Question: Does it appear to you that something is wrong? Why'd it be firearms? The Europeans have SA-80, AUG, and FAMAS, but type 95 is different......
What are they teaching them?

And they aren't Austrian to me, but more likely French or English. I can tell if someone is German, but do they look the same as Austrian? French and English is a mixed together bag to me, though I might take the French with a curvier face and the British as a rather square one(Uh, I am very wrong here, right?) And Russians I can only guess with a nose and nothing else...... I can tell if someone is Viet, but being in a ABC community, I can tell if someone is Chinese from China/Taiwan, but a Japanese/Korean is hard to ID since, having a better life here..........you get me? Phillipinos.... They have been mixed so deeply but unevenly, some I can identify, but some is just hazzle and I sometimes do mistake them as Chinese(ABCs). I do notice that the European-originated Americans have now gotten pretty much their own face, but not a lot of them are found here in SF..........
I hope I did not offend anyone, and if I did, I am sorry, no offence.


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Its "French Instructor" alright.

I'll have to do some digging to find the proper link but I know there was this article on french instructors being assigned to train select units of the PAP in preparation of the 2008 olympics.
News item discussed wheter this should be allowed due to the blockade but reasoned it was allowed because it was 'police business.'


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yeah i think it is french. the second letter looks like a R, therefore it can't be firearms but can be french.


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It looks like "Firearms Instructor" to me. It's not common at all for any Western police to put something like "French Instructor" on their epaulettes.

On those it will either say the overall unit the member is from ie POLICE or a specific job title like FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR or DOG SECTION or something similar.

Think about how much sense the words "FRENCH INSTRUCTOR" on a uniform would make, too.