Which part of Iranian Army, Are interested more?


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Hi there, dear members!

I need your vote for my next topic, or better to say, Series of Topics...

Ground Forces?
Air Force?
AA Defense?
Gendarmerie & Shahrbani?


Photos of war and Soldiers and leader?


or Something else?

Also, Are you interested by Introducing books and Translate parts of books?

Please Write your comments.
Welcome !

The Development and News about Iranian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) would be very interesting.
Iran is one of Regional power in middle east.

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You might as well do them all entirely, seeing as the Iranian Armed Forces are really in bad shape nowadays they don't have much to write home about. A analysts on what they most critically need as of now and the future, and who they can get them from is a good start. Another interesting side would be Iran's capability to use proxy fighters to fight their wars, especially via the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.