Where do you live?

Where do you live?

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T-U-P said:
oh and btw i also hate vancouver's weather and all the other stuff. here it can rain for weeks non-stop in the winter and doesn't even snow much. also the highway sucks, every single morning the two bridges connecting north shore and the rest of the vancouver have major traffic jam. there're also some poorly designed highway exits and entrances where people have been killed. and the highway only has 4 lanes in total! come on, it's a highway, jesus!

well it's not, but health care is a huge part of it. the waiting list for recieving a surgury for cancer is around a year now. it'll most likely to be too late when you finally got to the top of the list. not a good place to be if you're sick if you ask me.

I thought Vancouver and Seattle rains about 9 months out of the year?:confused: But if the rain is from the Winter mainly, I can live with that. (Same as San Francisco, except no snow except once every 40 years.)
But the freeways/highways? Hel yea! 2 lanes in each direction? That's even worse than Hong Kong......(If you read my AIM profile, you'll know what I mean by "Canada needs better highways!")

Gollevainen said:
Just out of curiosity...if you move (to live) from one state to another in US, is there any restrictions, more paperwork or anything extra fuzz form it????
Nothing for the government really. Only drivers licenses, since the driving rules are different in each states (Though we act more like provinces I think.)

But for the freeways(AKA highways/expressways in different places.)
80 mph? Friedrice, are you sure? Last time I checked, it's 70 max(113km/h). And I've seen it down to 35 mph(57 km/h) in Boston. Alcohol allowance is usually 0.1% in most states.(0.08% for 4 states, including California and Washington), kids 0.01%.

PS- doesn't Germany and Italy's highways allow people to run up to 120/130 km/h?


"the engineer"
Germany highways pretty much don't have speed limits. Montana for a few years didn't have speed limits, when i was there, was driving for 160 km/h.. that was swt.. the roads are flat, straight, two lane and no cars.. so can fall asleep for 10 minutes and you'll be fine.


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I live in Texas of U.S. I have been to most of the world including Germany, Britain, France, Norway, China, Taiwan, and Mexico:china:


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patriot said:
I live in Texas of U.S. I have been to most of the world including Germany, Britain, France, Norway, China, Taiwan, and Mexico
Wow. Impressive.

Even Norway! ;)

So, were you on holiday or does it have to do with your work?


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Stockholm Sweden here! Travelled nearly all of Western Europe (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, BeNeLux, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Jugoslavia, UK, Greece and the Baltic states. And also Tunisia, Mexico, Dominican Republic.


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yay no speedlimit here i drove 180km/h while i made my license (car didnt get faster)
it was a mazda 3 wich had a crash at the end of my drivers license gaining time, looked very funny with shorter heck :)

too bad my uncled driver schrrol got a brandnew audi a3 sportsback 2 weeks after i got my license :(


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i'm from sydney. not really a traveller but been to china and the US. the two countries are so different.


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most of the Autobahns I've been on in Germany do have speed limits, but lots of people ignore them.

@ ger_mark
do you know which Autobahn stretches in germany are without speed limits? I would like to rent a car someday and take it for a spin on one of those.


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all the way between leipzig and berlin on A9 (exept a 5km zone with 120 if its raining) and the motorway from munich to austria (westwards along chiemsee, dont know its name) these are at least the 2 that i do know about!