Where do the Members of SDF stand on the issue of the War in the Ukraine?

Where do you stand on the War in the Ukraine

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When a controversial subject comes along, its always good to get a feel of the prevailing attitude of the membership
Little can be more controversial than a major war involving world powers.
So here is a poll to see where we all stand.


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I also think there should be a middle way option of this is just another far away war we don’t particularly care about and are just observing out of curiosity on how modern weapons are performing.


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For the crimes against humanity by azov and for the death of Gonzalo lira, there is no way I could support Ukraine in this matter. I acknowledge what Russia has done is brutal but ultimately it was NATO that kept fanning the flames. It’s good to making things clear but I do think that one more option could be used though, a middle option if possible