whats at the market


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utelore said:
I know alot of you fellows are from different contries and such. I was just wonders how well your markets are stocked and what you eat at night.
Here in colorado U.S.A the markets are full of every thing from steaks, chicken seafood and fresh fruit from mangos to apples just about anything you can imagine. As I speak I am drinking a coke and eating fried BBQ pork skins. tonight I will have a cold Pilsner beer and pizza topped with ham and onions. for breakfast/brunch I had warm biscuts stuffed with ham, salami and parmasian cheese and on the side rolled angus deli roast beef with horseradish and a glass of orange juice.

Doesn't sound too healthy to me.

As for me, Costco is the way to go. They got everything from protein bars to rice.


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FriedRiceNSpice said:
Doesn't sound too healthy to me.

As for me, Costco is the way to go. They got everything from protein bars to rice.
I agree, costco is a geat place. many products. what stinks is that they always close early and many products are quite costly, I guess thats why they call it "COST co".


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i eat good old asian food from Assi, a korean food store.
sometimes i go to wendys and costco to get food too.

i havnt ordered pizza in a year, coz the papa johns we have sucks


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Did someone say.............Papa Murphy's? Oh dang....... Haven't touch one of their pizzas since..........5.............Miss the place.

Here in SF, we have a very high asian population, so being one myself, I can go to Chinatown to bring my goods, but then, there's a Asian-dominated street in every neighborhood. I usually buy anything I need on Leland or San Bruno, the market streets of our neighborhood. And instead of Chinatown my parents go to (Asian) Supermarkets like Ranch 99 (Good place, it's like 88 if you live on the East Coast, or at least Boston, or better) Internationl, San Bruno and Pacific Super.

And since there is also a huge population of hispanics here, taquerias are very common. (And I go to them for a lot for burritos. :D)

So we are relatively diverse.

What we are missing are the non-fast *American* food (Steak houses). Sizzlers is in the next town, but nothing around here.
The seafood here sucks relative to China. We have only 2 kinds of crabs, the Dungness and the blue crab.


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Here in Australia you have your average Coles or Woolworths plus the new franchise IGA ( independent grossers of Australia), i usually go to Mac's, KFC or subway for lunch, breakfast i usually have porridge =) and dinner i have pasata and on most weekends chiken fetachini or parmigina and also the occasional chow mien dumpling or dim sim:D