What ever happend to Sinodefence.com?


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Not much is happening on the main page. Most article hasnt been updated for years. Has the owner left for good?

bd popeye

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Riverman the only person that knows that answer is the owner DongFeng.. the founder of this forum and sinodefence.com

He's been MIA from this forum since September 27th 2009.:(


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Found this when seraching for the owner.

"Administrative Contact:
Domain Admin ([email protected])
ID#10760, PO Box 16
Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Privacyprotect.org
Nobby Beach
null,QLD 4218
Tel. +45.36946676"

I gess you could mail him with Privacyprotect.org.


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i have raised this issue before, there must be some people that still stay in touch with the old guards

however as Chinese military information is now more widely spread on the internet than ever before, i think this becomes more of a less important matter, even wiki now carry some very good stuff

but i also agree the main site can use an update


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I have not heard from DongFeng for past couple of years at least, I am not sure what the problem is and why MIA!

SinoDefenceForum runs on different server and I am responsible for that but the homepage(main site of SDF) is managed and hosted by dongfeng. Its still up so I assume someone is paying for the hosting.