VOTE HERE: Forum Connection?

SinoDefenceForum connection is slow?

  • No, it is not.

    Votes: 13 38.2%
  • Yes, it is.

    Votes: 3 8.8%
  • Sometimes it is slow and sometimes it is fast

    Votes: 18 52.9%

  • Total voters


The Troll Hunter
Staff member
Have you been experiencing slow forum / site response time lately? Is it really slow? VOTE HERE please so we can see what is going on....


The Punisher
Staff member
Super Moderator
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well, it's definitely slow sometimes, like right now, but other times it's ok. also it could just be the amount of connection-hungary softwares im running, such as CSS.


VIP Professional
Registered Member
Yesterday it was a pain in the butt, it took like forever to load. Today it got quick


"the engineer"
TUP, which CSS servers do you play on???? i waste too much time on that game... I play on gamerscoalition servers.. those are very good.

bd popeye

The Last Jedi
VIP Professional
Sometimes it's great..sometimes I can't do anything. At times the page is hard to bring up. It just won't open. Sometimes when posting pics the whole page just freezes for a few minutes.....But I still keep comming back.;)


Lieutenant General
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it's actually not that bad compared to some of the forums I post in. So for me, it's not really an issue


Sometime it is good and sometime it is slow. Yestersday i can't post anything, so I vote the Yes. And I am the only one:rofl:, yes yes yes.