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Unfortunately there is no such game yet. China has always been a blank area in the game theme. At present, only CMO/CMANO can meet the requirements, but the data related to PLA is poorly set.

In addition, the game I most expect: Victoria 3 will be released soon. However, unfortunately, bilibili currently has the most hits on the demo video survived only one day before it was deleted.
There are many reasons. Some nationalists have an almost instinctive aversion to the Qing Dynasty. In addition, the government attaches great importance to the right to explain the historical period of the 19th and 20th centuries. And video sites to avoid unnecessary trouble, the strict audit even more than many public publications.
Even China can't escape from the shadow of political correctness, except that our political correctness has nothing to do with gender.
Update: This video was restored this morning. Of course, they deleted some politically incorrect content, such as the status of Tibet.

This kind of problem cannot be fundamentally solved only by review and protest. The only feasible way is to improve our international status.
Although it is only a trivial matter, we can also see some problems in China's internal affairs and diplomacy from this matter.

In any case, we are still very far from true "self-confidence".

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Do we have naval war games from inside or outside China that is set in the present/near future?

Something akin to the Cold Waters and (upcoming) Sea Power, but instead of the typical US Navy versus the Soviet Navy in the Northern Atlantic, Cold War setting - We can have warships from major naval powers in the present day i.e. the PLAN, JMSDF, etc? Newer weapons and platforms like 5th-generation fighters, hypersonic and anti-ship ballistic missiles, stealth cruise missiles, maybe UCAVs, USVs and UUVs as well?
A modified version of CMANO seems like the only option for western audiences, other than that there is the 子墨推演系统 for wargames
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Well CMANO is a poorly optimized, and very politically biased game with it's vanilla databases, unless heavily tweaked, I doubt you will get the type of experience you wanted from it


I heard the joke is that, in China this has resulted in newbies flocking in to play as PLA, while the old hands are, frustrated in all them newbies bring in COD / Battlefield attitude into the otherwise more hardcore Squad, concentrated in "Blue forces" (US, UK, USMC, etc)...

Thus, China servers has become "de facto 朱日和", old hands transform themselves as 满广志, so to give them newbies some proper lessons...


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Wait, is it? Since when?
The Epic Games wikipedia entry says, "Tencent acquired approximately 48.4% of Epic then issued share capital, equating to 40% of total Epic – inclusive of both stock and employee stock options, for $330 million in June 2012. Tencent Holdings has the right to nominate directors to the board of Epic Games and thus counts as an associate of the Group. Sweeney considered the partial acquisition by Tencent as the start of "Epic 4.0", the fourth major iteration of the company, allowing the company to be more agile in the video game marketplace."