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For the record, the camo seen on the F-35A is not used by any of its potential enemy.

PLAAF's standard colour for J-20 is a one-shade grade, two-shades grey in either jaggered or curved-line pattern seems to be trial versions.

It is a color inverted version of the splinter camo used at Zhuhai 2016. PLAAF ironically abandoned the design for something closer to the F-22's in production.


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F35 cockpit.

We know that the F-35 will be the first U. S. fighter aircraft with a speech recognition system able to "hear" a pilot's spoken commands to manage various aircraft subsystems, such as communications and navigation. They are pushing that to the extreme...

Does switchs are used on the large touch screen ?? That screen need to be fail proof... no backup at all for informations beside Helmet Mounted Display System. Speech recognition in combat situation need to be very very good.

Are they pushing so far in J-20 cockpit too ?