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A flying wing will have all aspect stealth so it will be very difficult to detect. No surprise there. The B-21 will be the most important asset in a potential Pacific War.
One RQ-180 was photographed flying over the Philippines in September 2021. In a Pacific War 2.0, it is absolutely certain that the RQ-180s will have significant presence in the theater, mainly for ISR (and possibly EW) against the PLA.

Apart from that, I'm thinking of the possibility whereby the USAF and Northrop Grumman are using the RQ-180 to further refine the characteristics and performances of VLO flying wing bodies by (sort-of) live-testing them against the PLA's ISTAR system through flying the RQ-180 around the 1IC. Because, unsurprisingly - Northrop Grumman is also the ones responsible for developing the B-21 Raider.

If anything, the RQ-180 should also be put on the same threat level as the B-21, both of which in turn should also be on the same threat level as the NGAD and F/A-XX.

In the meantime, I do hope that China will develop her own RQ-180-counterpart(s) as well, alongside successor(s) to the WZ-8...
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HII awarded 155m contract for USS Zumwalt hypersonic missile upgrade

USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) arrives at Ingalls Shipbuilding sailing past the under-construction Bougainville (LHA-8) on Aug. 19, 2023. HII Photo

The shipyard set to install hypersonic missiles on guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) was awarded a $154.8 million contract for the work, according to a Tuesday Pentagon announcement.

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