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There is some resemblence. For some reason, I had the 1920s/1930s jackets and whatnot in mind when I saw the uniform.

Recent uniform redesigns have been awful for the US by and large. Just IMO.
The Army got it right twice now. After reintroducing the Pinks and greens and going to Multicam.
The Navy has started getting it straight. Reintroducing whites, modernized cracker jacks prototypes of working FR uniforms. Though the NWU is still a wonder has to how they got it that wrong.
The Marines have been moving to unisex dress uniforms which has caused some bellyache.

The USAF hasn’t had its uniforms right for decades. Not since “Admiral” McPeak scrapped the USAF dress uniform which had remained more or less consistent since it’s Foundation in the early 1950s. It had darkened lost its Ike jacket and had changes made to the hip pockets. But was still recognizable.
Then McPeak redesigned it to such an extreme that the Airmen and officers of rank and file refused to buy them. The scrapping of the previous dress system meant that the USAF had to work fast. They patched. They created a new set from the McPeak in a make mend manor. This was in 1994 under General Fogleman. That uniform has remained since, it’s still unpopular. In 06 the USAF showed prototypes for potential replacement jackets. A mandarin collar style and a jacket that resembles the US Army’s pInks and greens. Obviously neither was adopted. I hope this joins them.
This jacket for the newest service of the US DOD ironically would be the oldest style. As this style of jacket resembles the regency era (early 1800s). The Jacket was designed with the female version first then the male was modified from that which okay but how it ended up looking like a Startrek Lower Decks version of the USAF uniform is a wonder.
The asymmetrical cut is more European and stands in sharp contrast to the established style of US uniforms. Which normally assume a suit style.
The high Gorge and double breasted style means that the chest is likely to have a hot spot. The buttons on the right side mean that having any strapped baggage may become caught on that side. Lack of pockets reduces utility though often these are missing on female uniforms for the same reason female trousers lack such, Shape. But as a practical matter these are a work suit and should have some kind of utility for small items like pens and glasses even keys and cards. Additionally Women in uniform have complained about the lack of pockets for the aforementioned reasons as well as the fact they they provide an easy cheat to establish where ribbons and medals are hung.
The quarters of the suit are also odd as under tradition such jackets are sometimes worn with ceremonial accessories like pistol or sword belts. The 6 buttons is stated as being representative of the sixth military service. Okay but there is already a six button option in the form of a conventional double breasted jacket like Navy blues.


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Too many buttons, and why put all of them on the upper part of the uniform?
You can’t have buttons below the belt line as it would get in the way sitting or walking. The quarters of the jacket have to have enough looseness to allow access to pockets. The way this is done is by vents in the back and a set amount of looseness. It’s just like a suit or a long jacket.


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Here let me show you. This Is the Uniform View attachment 77416
This is starship troopers
View attachment 77418
Terrible as it may seem this I think would have been far superior to what we got as it actually would have worked for the job.
This is what they were patterned after this is Battle Star Galactica.
View attachment 77417
Oh shit, the Battlestar Galactia uniform really is similar.

I think I was thinking of the Star Wars imperial uniform but got the franchise mixed up:
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RCS testing probably. Looks like a model or a section. Either that or a modern Boeing bird of prey lol.

More likely a section of an aircraft for assembly if it isn't a model, scaled down model for RCS testing. It is going to one of those facilities after all. Anyway it's definitely a "controlled leak". Disinformation campaigning not ruled out as with all of this stuff.

The US have been talking about new models and methods of development that will speed up multiple programs. Of course the century fighters development pace and methods have left much to be desired too. You can't have your cake and eat it too without some real breakthroughs which they might or might not have. The rest is just about hurry up and get these concepts explored, here's your budget. A real diversion from ATF program and even the teen series fighters.