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Most of the disposable economies is based on low cost goods. Clothes and shoes fused and cemented with glue, cheap plastics and lower end production techniques. Those tend to come from the worlds new factory floor.
Printing money? Name me a country that isn’t. All that high speed rail to no where and empty cites gets paid for by printed money.

The damage to the Bonhomme Richard was worse than originally thought. 60% of the structure. Estimated repair bill 3.2 billion dollars over 5 years. A Brand new America class LHA cost 3.5 Billion over 5 years.
Basically it cost as much as building a new one without any advantage.
All the potential for overrun, production slip and resulted in a ship with less service life. So for the cost. Yeah it hit the point of breaking about even.


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US Navy Looks To Arm LPD-17 Amphibious Vessels With Long-Range Missiles

At the Surface Navy Association (SNA 2021) Virtual Symposium on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, Naval News asked Major General Tracy W. King for clarification as to what kind of offensive missiles are envisioned for the LPD-17s, and how will they be implemented. Major General King replied that he wasn’t concerned so much about the “Material Solutions” (the type of missile(s)) used, and was more concerned about setting the Requirements to offer to the Defense Industry to determine the best Material Solution:
“Do we need Fixed-Box launchers [inside the LPD-17 hulls]? No. …the future is `missiles in a box.’“
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