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That’s not even the start of understanding the situation. Bogged down would
Mean there is no endgame insight. In this case everyone has a endgame except the US who is trying to get out with a fantasy.
US Forces are more or less in the training mode for the Afghan forces with only SF operating out of the wire.
Afghan forces as a whole are infiltrated with pro-Taliban and corruption is as rampant as the Chicago PD during prohibition.
Afghan leaders are siphoning every dollar they can into their own purses. National needs be damned. The Afghans haven’t had the idea of a unified nation since the Russians invaded. It’s all tribes and clans.

The Taliban has been getting arms, funding, vehicles, training camps, and protection from Pakistani ISI letting them do everything from take pot shots at Afghan and US forces from behind the Pakistani lines to giving them uniforms and equipment. all those brand new Toyota pickup trucks.
Because they operate on the premises that their are the so called “Good Taliban” who only side with Pakistan in destabilizing Pakistan’s neighbors and the “Bad Taliban” who side against Pakistan.
Well the difference between them is only a matter of whom is willing to take their money for the moment.
Pakistan is backed in this by Iran and China who in turn are backed by Russia as they don’t want US forces in the region.
Finally you have the US State department who keeps insisting that they can negotiate a coalition government between the Taliban and Kabul. A self delusion feed by the claim that the Taliban won’t return allow AQ to reestablish training camps in Afghanistan.
When they have been remarkably open about their objectives. Not to join Kabul but to seize it and rewind the clock back to August 2001. When With open arms bazaars and summer camps for all your favorite international terror groups. With stoning, beheading for all.
if it'd been 55 years ago, gen. Westmoreland would've suggested
  • Phase 1. Commitment of U.S. (and other free world) forces necessary to halt the losing trend by the end of 2020.
  • Phase 2. U.S. and allied forces mount major offensive actions to seize the initiative to destroy guerrilla and organized enemy forces. This phase would end when the enemy had been worn down, thrown on the defensive, and driven back from major populated areas.
  • Phase 3. If the enemy persisted, a period of twelve to eighteen months following Phase 2 would be required for the final destruction of enemy forces remaining in remote base areas.
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the 3rd paragraph -- I've changed only the year


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USN in its latest budget proposal intends to build up inventory of ship killing missiles. Basically the plan is to stockpile 5 ASM for every Chinese vessel.
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5 ASMs isn't going to be enough.

Another way of looking at it is a total of 2000 ASMs for 50 Chinese AEGIS destroyers in the 2025 timeframe.
That works out at 40 ASMs each.

But if those slow Tomahawks and LRASMs are still detected at the radar horizon, it's unlikely that any of them are going to make it through to their targets, because there's at least 4 full length SAM engagements available.
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Apr 3, 2019
since it happened again, I would've called the FBI to look into a possibility of sabotage, they would've quickly identified the individual(s) who had littered the aircraft, I guess, to see if it's just idiot(s), or got paid or motivated to do this
and Once In Boeing, Always In Boeing:

737 Max: Debris found in new planes' fuel tanks


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Coaxial vertical lift heli - Raider and Defiant

Raider-Defiant-1920.jpg.pc-adaptive.990.medium.jpg ERPasfiWkAApQ8G.jpeg EROnXL4UUAUDhiZ.jpeg ERPB81qWsAEkbZ0.jpeg EROnXLWXYAgaGWp.jpeg ERO0irjXkAIXFf-.jpeg

Defiant’s eight-bladed aft prop is the same diameter as a P-51 Mustang propeller and necessary to push the 30,000-pound aircraft to speeds above 200 knots. Unlike a conventional helicopter, none of Defiant’s tail section is flight critical. If the tail boom, which includes no hydraulics, took a direct hit and literally fell off, the aircraft would still be able to operate as a helicopter. All control surfaces aft of the engine outlet are controlled by electronic actuators.