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Tyrant King
Why Trump Cares About the Pentagon’s Mega-Cloud — and Why That Terrifies Those Who Want It
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sounded like a massive group sex
The word you are looking for is orgy.

Jedi Cloud was a program for the DOD to establish a Cloud based computer backup in the event of a massive cyber crash of the DOD mainframes. The Name Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) <Also a minor Starwars refrence>and of course Modern Cloud based computer storage.
Two names came to the top of the bids with enough capacity Amazon owner by Jeff Bezos and Microsoft. Oracle was also bidding but Amazon and Microsoft were the finalists.
Not the usual names on Military programs I know but they have the capacity and want the program. Then a DOD Staffer Deap Ubhi who was a former Amazon employee and is back as one Tweeted “Once Team Amazon, Always Team Amazon” which raised heckles for people watching the program.
Amazon looked like it was about to get a sole source contract and that also raised some hairs.
The Pentagon is a huge organization why put all the eggs in one basket? Some fell that the appearance of possible rigging is a huge issue others feel that putting it all on Amazon makes a potential risk point. In the later that even two sources might be not enough redundancy.

So how this plays out is both a political and critical defense issue.
Will it be Amazon Strikes back, Return of the multiple vender JEDI, or A New Hope on the Cloud?


Jul 25, 2019
can't be
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LOL terrific project for example Jan 10, 2019
and I still don't have enough
KC-46 Boom Actuator Redesign Cost Set At $55.5 Million
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A required redesign of a component on the refueling boom of the
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tanker will cost the U.S. Air Force another $55.5 million, the service has announced.

The Air Force agreed to accept deliveries of KC-46 aircraft last January after a two-year impasse on the condition that
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correct two technical deficiencies.

The Air Force agreed to pay for redesigning and installing a new telescope actuator for the KC-46 refueling boom, and Boeing agreed to finance the redesign and installation of a compliant remote vision system.

Boeing received the $55.5 million contract on Aug. 2 to complete the critical design review of system-level hardware and software for the telescope actuator redesign.

The original design of the component met the Air Force’s requirements, but those specifications produced too much force for relatively lightweight receiver aircraft, such as the A-10.

As of June, the Air Force expected Boeing to deliver within a few months proposals for redesigning the remote vision system for the KC-46.

Will Roper, the assistant Air Force secretary for acquisition, has described the design of the existing system as fundamentally flawed. In his opinion, Boeing’s three-camera layout, which features two outboard-canted cameras, creates a distorted picture that cannot be resolved by software-enabled image processing. Boeing has disagreed that the outward-canted cameras present an unsolvable design problem.

Discussions between the Air Force and Boeing on the redesign remain ongoing.

The Air Force awarded Boeing a $4.9 billion fixed-price development contract for the KC-46 in February 2011, but delays caused by a series of technical glitches has caused Boeing to spend another $3.5 billion.

Boeing plans to deliver 179 KC-46As through fiscal 2027 to replace the retiring KC-10 fleet and the first tranche of aging KC-135s.
Boeing Gets $55.5 Million for KC-46 Boom Work
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The Air Force on Aug. 2 awarded Boeing $55.5 million for continued work on the KC-46’s refueling boom to address a
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that is limiting the aircraft’s ability to refuel any USAF plane.

The contract covers “system-level hardware and software critical design review of the boom telescope actuator redesign,” with work expected to be completed in February 2021, according to a Defense Department
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Currently, the KC-46’s boom is not sensitive enough to disengage from slower aircraft like the A-10—meaning that as of now, the Pegasus is not refueling Warthogs.

Boeing is redesigning the boom to meet changes to the Air Force’s requirements.

The Air Force is footing the bill to fix the boom, while Boeing is on the hook for
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with the KC-46’s remote vision system.


Raytheon delivers first next generation jammer for US Navy Growlers
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US defense contractor Raytheon has delivered the first next generation jammer mid-band engineering and manufacturing development pod to the US Navy to begin ground and aircraft integration testing.

Raytheon will deliver 15 EMD pods for mission systems testing and qualification as well as 14 aeromechanical pods for airworthiness certification.

NGJ-MB is a high-capacity and power airborne electronic attack weapon system for the EA-18G Growler. It will protect air forces by denying, degrading and disrupting threat radars and communication devices.

“The first NGJ-MB pod is out the door,” said Stefan Baur, vice president of Raytheon Electronic Warfare Systems. “We are one step closer to extending the navy’s jamming range and capability. Delivery of this pod will allow for the initial verification of ground procedures, mass properties, aircraft installation, and built in test checks in preparation for future chamber and flight test.”

Additionally, in the third quarter of 2019, Raytheon will utilize a prime power generation capability pod installed on a commercial Gulfstream aircraft for power generation flight testing and risk reduction efforts in support of the initial flight clearance process.
mid-band part if you know what I'm saying (and if you don't, please don't say anything LOL)


Jun 2, 2019
Aircraft Carriers III Apr 11, 2019

and only now took a look to see
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what's interesting is no body cares
Iran Has Hundreds of Naval Mines. U.S. Navy Minesweepers Find Old Dishwashers and Car Parts.
As tensions heat up in the Persian Gulf, the Navy’s minesweeping fleet may once again be called into action, but its sailors say the ships are too old and broken to do the job. “We are essentially the ships that the Navy forgot.”
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good the NavyTimes acknowledged the nomination had come because of somebody else's scandal
Inside the historic decision to deep-select the Navy’s top officer
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Tyrant King
If only they went with Airbus for the tanker.
The Problem still would have been there only it would be Airbus getting paid for it.
If the boom had not met USAF specifications they never would have accepted the ones they have or paid for it. If it had been the contractor Boeing would be on the hook for the $55.5 Million. The Problem came about after a review of the specs determined the issue. Because the Boom fit the established design specs the Air Force was at fault.