Update to Sinodefence?


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Why are we seeing annoying adverts on SDF mid thread ?

guntree is opening with each thread ?
And I thought it was just me. As I have said many times, I'm not a tech man. So I thought I done something wrong! At least I know it's not me.

I've turned on ad blocker from Samsung and it seem to have work!


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That is a typical pay model that forums follow?

My intent and goal is to keep things as they are with as little ads as possible - that's how we've operated since 2006.
To admit, so far it is a volunteer system ... from time to time the Webmaster starts a donation campaign and usually - at least to my knowledge - it works fine.
If You like I can ask him.

Otherwise it was not a critics again You and even if annoying I can fully understand this decision ... maybe there are options where to place the advertisements? Right in the middle of a thread - or even a post - is indeed not good.