Unmanned and Robotic Vehicles


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Autonomous recon vehicles competition. Must be able to autonomously navigate, patrol, and complete recon missions. Use of foreign components will reduce points in the competition, causing participants to shift to domestic suppliers over time.

@3:20 main advantage of the system is the ability to complete its functions without GPS guidance. Meant to function under electronic interference. Humans set the mission and the system completes it autonomously. The system can autonomously find, track, acquire accurate positioning of targets.
@13:05 autonomous engineering vehicle. The prototype can drive, avoid obstacles, and dig/break/remove obstacles autonomously. Can be used in environments of: collapsed/high risk structures, biological/chemical contamination, and other dangerous conditions.

@3:20 Core goals: push for military-civil integration and land forces transformation.
The competition composes of 4 main categories, 10 sub-categories: autonomous off road mobility and recon, autonomous convoy off road supply transport, aerial and land coordinated recon, bio-mimicry robots and human collaboration, high mobility autonomous supply vehicle for mountainous terrain, recon & assault, supply robot and human collaboration, de-mining, specific technology competition, and innovation showcase.
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MULE-200 UGV. Used to transport equipment and supplies. Can be armed to provide fire support for infantry. Can be remotely control wirelessly or wired.

Vehicle Weight: 500kg
Max. Payload: 200kg
Max. Speed: 50km/hour



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The China North Industries Corporation's (Norinco's) Sharp Claw I unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) has entered service with the People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF).

In an announcement made on 13 April via its Sina Weibo account the PLA's Eastern Theatre Command confirmed an 11 April report by the China Central Television 7 (CCTV 7) channel stating that the tracked, combat, and reconnaissance UGV was now in service with the Chinese military.

No information was provided as to when exactly it entered service, the number of platforms being acquired, or which PLAGF units will deploy it.
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