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Footage of the training of Ukrainian soldiers on French AMX-10RC heavy armored vehicles has been published, a video about these armored vehicles is available on the channel. Earlier it was reported that the AMX-10R wheeled tanks can be used not only in reconnaissance but also in frontal attacks of the army, which is quite a risky occupation due to their thin armor of these vehicles. Reportedly, the first French AMX-10 armored vehicles have already appeared in Ukraine.



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In March 1997, I demonstrated the Su-27 in flight for U.S. Air Force General Mike Ryan, at that time commander of [U.S. Air Forces in Europe] and later U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff. After the takeoff, I gave him the controls, and he immediately pulled 7Gs! He wanted to see how quickly the Flanker pulls up. The Eagle is a little wooden when pulling up, a little slow. The General wanted to compare and pulled the stick back quickly, as you do in an F-15. The Flanker immediately pulled up, almost vertically. Mike Ryan didn’t expect that he would pull so many Gs when doing that, because he was flying like in an F-15, with quick, wide stick movements, which you can use in the very stable Eagle. He reacted very well, pushed the stick forward immediately.

When we met in the States the following year, he told me he was surprised by how well the big and powerful Flanker maneuvered.
The maneuvering capabilities of the Flanker are excellent, of course. For example, during air combat maneuvering training at the Clear Sky 2018 exercises—with the F-15C Eagles of the 144th Fighter Wing of the California Air National Guard—we won in three out of four engagements. Naturally, you need to survive long enough to close to visual range, because the Eagle’s electronic equipment and armament are much better. Ukraine has factories that manufacture air-to-air missiles, but we are not quite at the level of modern technology. We need fire-and-forget missiles, because illuminating a target with your radar after launch (with semi-active radar homing) is now a relic of the past. The Russians have the R-77 missile with active homing, while our R-27 is still semi-active.

Say what you want about legacy Flanker's avionics/radar but never doubt its kinematics.


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The Su-27S's and SK as what Soviets, Russia and Ukraine plus some export clients like China and Indonesia have, got basic N001's. This is comparable to Original AN/APG-63 found in F-15A's prior to PSP upgrade program which yield F-15C-AN/APG-63V1.

Russia have their own version of PSP upgrades which yield the N001VE and later VEP, which touche things like signal processors and adding compatibility to new weapons but still use the baseline inverse cassegrain antenna. these upgrades went into Su-30MKK, Su-27SM, SKM and MK2. The VEP supposedly have new Pero antenna but that didnt gain any traction, it's a cheap alternative to Bars but reflective phased array have undesired properties such as increased level of sidelobe. The VE/VEP Radar tho have compatibility to ARH's such as R-77/RVV-AE. It is however may not be able to utilize the longer ranging R-77-1/RVV-SD properly against typical fighter sized target.

There were Phazotron alternatives like Zhuk MSE and MSFE, the "S" apparently stands for Sukhoi to differentiate from their MiG line (ME and MFE) But Bars were more popular especially with large Indian orders.

Ukrainians didnt really do much apparently to improve Su-27 and their MiG's radars. Their program appears to the same as Russian N001VE/VEP initiative. They offer new receivers but not much more than that.


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Footage of the preparation and launch of a self-made kamikaze drone of Ukrainian servicemen. The drone is equipped with ammunition from the RPG-7 grenade launcher, the technical parameters of the Ukrainian drone are not reported.