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Well, after much searching around, I finally aquired a Type 56 chest pouch (three mag pockets) !:) I just have a question about what all of the pockets are intended for. Out of the seven pockets, I know that the center pouches three are for magazines, there are two for grenades (one on each side of the mag pockets), and there is one for the oil bottle (that pocket is lined with some type of vinyl, it is end of one side), and there is one last pocket that I am not quite sure what it is for (it is on the other end of the chest rig). It has a pen sized slot (for cleaning kit tube?) in it with a band of elastic around it. Also wondering what might also typically be used in the grenade pockets other than grenades, box of ammo perhaps?

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those 4 pockets on the both sides are pretty free variable. you could put lots of things in it. two near the center are not really designed for grenades. but you could. since that type..77? palm seize grenades didn't come in service a lot, and the standard grenades are type 69 and some other kind of stick grenades, there is a grenade pounch where you wear on the side of gas mask bag, on your right hand side. so those two pockets mostly are filled with first aid kit, it's a pack, with the seize of that pocket. and the rest two pockets on the far end, could be fitting with...whistle for officer, or pens, papers, since it has rubber inside which is water resistent. i think you could also put rifle cleaning kits in it too, but i haven't seen many does that. ever since the rifle cleaning kit for type 81 is inside the stock.