Type 09III/09IV (093/094) Nuclear Submarine Thread


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Hi yuxiaochen,

Any news on TYPE 95? usually when a certain type of sub is being featured, it means a new type is being launch or under testing.

Indeed these programs usually only showcase pretty old or relatively standard equipment e.g. HQ-16 (in service for over a decade) or Type 15 (new but nothing of strategic importance about it). However, there's just no evidence it means a new type is introduced into service or nearing service. In this case the 093 is just old now and it's not like it's showing any valuable information or internal footage. Mostly exterior shots that can be found all over the internet anyway.


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093 production stopped in 2015 and we've not had a single more unit since. A few have undergone refits and upgrades so it's quite unlikely there will be any more 093 built.
This is good news, as that would mean the budget was invested into more newer models.