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You mean, that there are tugs with and without mast because of the flight deck overhang?

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Type 075 doesn't have an overhang, although there could be tugboats like that reserved for the Shandong or Liaoning if they ever come to Hainan.

PLAN tugboats have a certain height for fire fighting purposes. Here are some tugboats that are actually in Hainan.

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There is another kind of boat though that can fill that description and that is the maritime militia.




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Is it a tug? an LCAC or a fishing boat? Simple solution - just check up how tugs work in as a team in a harbour or navy base when they are moving a large ship in or out of berthing. They push, at the same time they pull/drag, at the three sides (sometimes four) of their client ship.

It is a tug.

These 2 tugs at the back are tasked with pulling the ship into proper position in case it goes sideway away from planned route. Other tugs are the the sides. The ship is CV17 Shandong. For all large ships entering or exiting a harbour or a navy base where there is deep channel and shallow seabed, there is always a tug at the back of their client ship.
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Even with that kind the silhouette still does not match as the silhouette lacks the raised pilot cabin. More likely its maritime militia.
A "militia" fishing boat has a high foredeck which is almost as high as its super structure (wheel house), its silhouette is different. While an LCAC has a almost rectangular silhouette made up by forecastle-engine room-propellers housing. While a tug boat has a low foredeck and aft deck with high superstructure at the middle.