Type 075 LHD discussion


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Well I agree with the aviation wing part, but the LCACs and marine detachment should not be that difficult, or significantly more expensive, right?
It is significantly more difficult and expensive. Forming, equipping, training and fielding something like a MEU is not an easy task. Remember, it takes many years for a vessel like a LHD to come to FOC.


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Sorry to say, I don't think that photo is the latest. What's missing in that photo is the TACAN above the Type 382.

What's a TACAN? Short explanation.

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Here is an example of a TACAN. There are TACANs on top of the Type 382 installed on both the Liaoning and Shandong. However, TACANs are not installed on top of Type 382 used on Type 054A frigates.


When the Type 075 was launched, it already had the Type 382 radar but there was no TACAN on top of it. For a while, that absence was sustained.

Then the TACAN emerged, and should be seen on later photos. Here you conveniently can see it exactly right under this sentence.



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It looks like after the holidays the construction of the next couple of units will start soon. The technicians just need to protect themselves and crank up their speed again.