Type 06-1 5.8mm assault rifle family


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china already produces the 5.56 nato rounds for their own testings....but odd china always prefers domestic firearms over foreign ones especially those whose ammunitions are different requiring different rounds to be produced....side arms are different story though...maybe it was a simulation or training to use other nations firearms just incase something happens and the moment calls for it...


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The standard G-36 assault rifle comes in a 7.62x51mm cartridge or .308 NATO. It is not an option for it to be chambered in any other caliber as far as I know. And to re-iterate what Pointblank said it would take extensive testing and manufacturing capability to re-chamber the weapon to any other caliber, whether it were 5.8mm or 5.56mm. The Chinese would be better off just sticking with what they know. I.E. going with an indeginous rifle design.
Wait What? I call bull!! G36 is a 5.56 NATO not 7.62NAto!
And as far as American Police Departments choosing the G-36 over the M-4 or M-16 design I highly doubt that. Simply because of the higher power cartridge that the G-36 shoots, you see American PD's are really concerned with collateral damage, and the .308 NATO cartridge that the G-36 shoots will not only go through the person your shooting at, but will also go through the wall he is standing in front of and possibly still go through a couple of neighbor's houses down the road.
the G36 is 5.56 and a number of police departments use it because G36 bit is lighter and more compact ( with it's folding butt) then M4! at the same time the a number o Police forces are more interested in M4's because they see Us Troops "moding" the hell out of them in ways that G36 would be difficult to match.
Now the G3 rifle is a 7.62 mm highly accurate system that has been in service all over the world since 1954 and although G3 is only a 7.62 that does not mean that it only comes in that caliber HK used the G3 design to create a number of weapons the most popular of which is the counter terror weapon of the world The MP5, three 5.56mm weapons the HK33, hk53 and G41.
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You need to read through the posts more carefully next time. Somone already corrected his mistake.

My best guess as to the use of 5.56mm in the PAP is to lessen collateral damage as the 5.56mm has less penetrating power than the 5.8mm and can't shoot through walls.