Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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The US has the Ticonderoga ddg so that the Arleigh Burkes is sufficient with 96 VLS.
How come the type 055 has 112 VLS, if 96 VLS is enough for the the Arleigh Burkes?
Because the mission profiles and types of missiles have changed. Don't get wrapped up in the number of cells, focus on the space and configuration. Some missiles get one cell of space, others might take 2 or 4. But the flexibility and space to do that and change the loadout is key. 112 cells is a lot more space than 96.


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I can see why some people get hung up over this thing that the more VLS cells you have, then the more powerful the vessel is?........but i think it is really down to the quality of those missiles that are in the VLS cells that is the really key point. Regarding numbers, just because the Americans have a certain number of VLS cells on their warships, doesn't mean every other Navy has to follow suit exactly.........and if it really does come down to bragging rights then, lets wait until the 2 Russian Kirov Cruisers come back online, with what is expected to be a truly awesome missile load?

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Sir why am I not able to any pic
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Why 104 and do we know the numbers of the vessels #03 to #06?


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Stop this ... immediately or face the consequences. None of of claims has any rational background, they are all pure BS, nationalistic chest bumping of nonsense.
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