Type 054/A FFG Thread II


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And what are they for? So the ship doesn't stick to the support used during its construction when it's launched?
Demagnetized the ship, usually to reduce the magnetic signature, for ships probably for anti sea mine measures.
For subs, it's usually reduces the chances to be detected by magnetic anomaly detection by anti sub planes.

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Is this a PS job or it is already the 2nd launched?
Either the sign maker needs to be shot, or the ship that is launched is the second one whose keel was laid. Its possible and likely the ship whose keel was first laid, hasn't been launched yet. In this case, the enumeration is based on whose keel is laid down first as opposed to who is launched first.


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Hi will this 054/ p be coming back for further refits like radars and other gadgets or is it not completely handover to PN for operational duties
if possible to answer
thank you